The Journey Begins

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UWC makes education a force to unite people, nations and cultures for peace and a sustainable future.

-UWC mission statement


My name is Hawra and i’m 16 years old. I decided to start a blog because I want to document my application to UWC. The application process ended on the 21st of February and now it’s a waiting game. I found out about the UWCs from my mom when i was in grade 7, and I was instantly captivated. As cheesy as it sounds, this is my dream school. I’ve never been more sure about anything except UWC, and I am so so scared that it’s possible I won’t attend. But i’m going to remain positive, If I want to change the world, and UWC isn’t an option, i’ll find another avenue, and the next, and then the next.

That said, here’s a bit about me. I have no brothers or sisters, therefore making me the center of attention, always. I live in a small neighborhood in a huge city. I go to a big school with people who have small minds. I love to travel, whether it’s abroad or to a part of my city with which i’m unfamiliar. I also have an affinity for baking/cooking (apple brownies are my specialty) and I started a baking business called Ding Dangy Delish (oh the cringe) when I was 11. I’m involved in the arts too. I mainly use watercolors and gouache though I started out with acrylics. Alongside that, I play the drums, guitar, bass and piano. I’ve also composed a few pieces. Something I started fairly recently was MUN. I’d never considered myself to be a public speaker but I really enjoyed it. Another thing i’m working on is an app my aunt designed. It provides people in rural areas access to basic healthcare all through video conferences with a medical professional. An important aspect of this is providing pre and post natal care to women due to the high mortality rates. I’m also working on another platform designed by my aunt which aims to connect blood donors to prospective patients.

I have many hobbies which I’ve fallen in love with over the years: swimming, horse-riding, badminton, I kind of started playing football (soccer) professionally, running, photography, Mario Kart, and of course, dreaming.

I also really, really like the meaning of my name: free




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